Sunday, 9 November 2014

Dear Diary

Dear diary,
Joanie Cunningham here and today was such a crazy day!
I was hanging out at Arnolds with Lori Beth and the other girls, like any normal day when I heard that Pinky Tuscadero was coming into town on her motorcycle tour!! And you know what? Chachi said that he heard that too. Then Pinky actually walked right into Arnolds and she gave me her sunglasses. I got Pinky Tuscadero's sunglasses!!!
Then she started singing about her motorcycle tour and it was totally cool! But after she sang about her bike, she was totally uncool and made a move on Chachi. I mean, not really but now how am I gonna get him to take me to the dance?
I can't get mad at her though, she's Pinky Tuscadero! And after her song, she told us how she was going to help us save Arnolds and then we talked about Fonzie for a while. Fonzie really is a bit much. He's totally cool but no one is as awesome as Chachi Arcola. Actually, Chachi came and talked to Pinky after she signed my foot. I don't really know what happened after that, I came home when Pinky told me that she was going to come over later. But Richie told me all about what happened when he came home after their dumb rehearsal.
After I left, the Malachi's came in and they told everyone about how scary they were now that they were out of jail and then the count threatened Fonzie!
That's Joanie Cunningham for now. Maybe tonight I'll get to write about Pinky being at my house!!!

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